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Timothy Cowart comes to Oregon most recently from Pennsylvania. His research interests include modern dance partnering techniques, dance film, and the life, work and influence of dancer/choreographer Michio Ito (1993-1961). Cowart is the first dance faculty member in the United States to earn a teaching certification in Kaeja Elevations which is a form of modern dance partnering work that utilizes momentum, dynamic tension and gravity. He also holds teaching certifications in DanceAbility, and STOTT Pilates and can regularly be found teaching all levels of modern dance, dance partnering, contact improvisation, introduction to ballroom dance, dance in world

cultures, and dance on camera.

Cowart has served as a judge for the Dance Films Association's Dance on Camera Festival and his relationship with the organization has been elevated to that of a key partner due to the continuing curatorial and educational contributions he has made that have led to him developing an ideal university model for the Dance on Camera Tour. At DeSales University he curated an annual Screendance festival for over 13 years.

As a performing artist, Cowart danced nationally and internationally with the Bella Lewitzky Dance Company, the Pittsburgh Dance Alloy, and with Impact Production's 'Dayuma' and 'The Masterpiece.' He has also worked with Sean Curran, David Dorfman, Elizabeth Streb, Mark Taylor, Minh Tran, Rob Kitsos, Margo Van Ummersen, and Alito Alessi. He received a B.F.A. in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University, an M.F.A. in Dance, and an M.S. in Performing Arts Management from the University of Oregon. Cowart is the recipient of the 2016 LVAIC Dance Consortium Distinguished Service Award in Dance, and the 2017 Distinguished

Alumnus Award in Dance from the University of Oregon. He served as an Associate Professor Chair of the Dance Department at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania from 2005 - 2019. He now serves as an Associate Professor and as the Dance Program Coordinator for Western Oregon University.

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