We are a state affiliate of the National Dance Education Organization. ODEO members receive dual membership with NDEO. To join or renew your membership, visit NDEO.org/membership or click the link below. 

*To become an ODEO member one must enroll through NDEO. Upon joining NDEO, Oregon residents are automatically enrolled in ODEO.  Oregon residents who were members of NDEO prior to ODEO becoming an affiliate will be enrolled in ODEO upon renewal.



Individual Memberships

Professional or Ph.D. / Ed.D. Candidate: $115 a year

Young Professional: $85 a year 

Retiree: $60 a year

Student Memberships

Graduate Student: $75 a year 

Undergraduate Student: $50 a year

Institutional Memberships

Dance Studio, K-12, Performing Arts Organizations: $185 a year

Higher Education: $250 a year

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Oregon Dance Education Organization

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