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IDEA Series #4: LGBTQ+, Rainbow Inclusive Dance Education: April 8, 7:30-8:30 pm
Workshop Description: With a brief review of the basics of LGBTQ+ inclusion practices, a majority of the session will be a discussion with artists and leaders from Oregon who are addressing LBGTQ+ rights and topics in dance.  How does gender play into dance education and dance culture and how can those structures be opened up to be more inclusive?  What policies and practices can program directors or dance instructors take to make their spaces safe for the LGBTQ+ community?  What artists and works are leading the movement forward?

ODEO is honored and excited to have the following panelists contribute to the discussion. 

Brittain Jackson - Creator, Village Vibes podcast
Phoenix Grey - West Coast Swing, working to degender the dance style
Terra Lyn Anderson - Founder, Embody Emerge

Terra Anderson is a leading voice for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the sex education and health, and embodiment industries. With over 15 years of experience working in the social justice arena and 20,000 hours fine tuning their expertise in gender justice, Terra’s dedication to ending gender and sexuality-based violence has set a standard for gender inclusion that is revolutionizing healing professions across the board. Terra is the founder of Embody Emerge and the Queer Competency Certification, a registered dance-movement therapist, published researcher, and a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach.  

Terra Lyn Anderson.jpeg

Brittain Jackson (Washington D.C.) has experienced the world as a professional Modern and Contemporary Ballet dancer and Musical Theatre Performer, and currently works with the community to bring awareness to the importance of self-care as a Yoga Guide, Dance Instructor and Music Coordinator at the NUMBERZFM. Brittain has also had the honor to Host and Emcee a number of live events in the Portland area and engage with the community through his podcast VillageVibes.

Brittain Jackson.jpeg

Phoenix Grey is a Portland-based dancer known in the West Coast Swing community for his proficiency in both leading and following. In 2013, he created the group "Degendering West Coast Swing" to rally support for the removal of gender restrictions from WCS competitions. With the support of the community and his predecessors, the WCS circuit began to remove the gender restrictions. From there, he became one of the first dancers to earn an Allstar ranking in both roles.

Having walked the "walk-walk" on both sides, his teaching style focuses on connection, technique, and effective partnering. Phoenix is celebrated for his playful musicality and shameless confidence on the dance floor.  He now spends multiple weekends each month traveling, teaching, competing, DJing, and judging around the world.

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