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Seqouyah Jones ODEO.jpeg

Seqouyah Dmitri Jones has been studying dance as a career path both through Lane Community College and outside of Oregon for 3 years, though her passion for the art has been present since a young age. She spends her time pursuing a thorough understanding of the natural world of movement including a deep personal yoga practice, ecstatic dance, acrobatic partner yoga, gymnastics basics, and expression through many forms of dance. She is building a knowledge that can be used to help heal herself and others through a standardized study in medicine to compliment the healing within dance. Her future goals revolve around building a facility and refuge where people from all walks of life can learn, grow, and recover through a blend of natural healing modalities. Having been in Oregon for 5 years now and fallen in love, she plans on giving back to the local community through dance and by being a student representative to help progress the thriving Oregon Dance Education Organization.

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