Thank you for your interest in serving on ODEO’s Board of Directors. 


All members of the board are committed to serving our community and to the mission and goals of our organization and hold current membership to NDEO. 



  • Responsible for managing programs and executing the tasks necessary to keep the organization open and in good business standing. 

  • Attends a required number of scheduled Board meetings, participates in the annual meeting, strategic planning sessions, and exercises sound judgement independent of the President.

  • Actively participates in fundraising and membership growth activities.

  • Ensures the organization adheres to pertinent laws, regulations, and sound business practices.

  • Works with the President and other Board members to develop strategic plans, objectives, and goals.

  • Ensures organization maintains sound financial condition and assets are protected.

  • Reviews and approves the annual budget.

  • Reviews and evaluates all policies and bylaws annually.

  • Ensures that the organization is represented in the community in ways that enhance the organization's reputation and image.

  • Ensures organization and it’s programs remain in good standing with NDEO as the Oregon state affiliate. 

  • Maintains an active membership with NDEO. 


Required Skills:

  • Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of colleagues.

  • Ability to communicate and demonstrate a willingness to actively participate. 

  • Ability to work independently and be self-motivated.

  • Ability to perform shared administrative tasks necessary to running a non-profit. 



  • The board meets monthly 9-10 times a year.

  • Most meetings are 90 minute video conference calls, which allows members throughout the state to participate.

  • About 2 meetings a year are in-person, which we strongly encourage all board members to attend. These meetings are typically longer (2-3 hours) and handle more important topics or planning that require face-to-face conversation. We try to move locations statewide to both share the traveling load and to establish stronger relationships in the cities we serve. 

    • The Annual Meeting typically happens in June.

    • The Conference- currently January/February

  • Board members are expected to attend 75% or more of scheduled meetings. Basically, you get about 3 absences a year. Depending on your role, you may have to arrange coverage for your duties.

  • The Student Representative attends meetings quarterly (4 times a year)

  • Executive Committee: Officers meet an additional time each month, usually 1-2 weeks before the board meeting. These meetings usually last 1 hour and are video conference calls. 

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