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Oregon Dance Education Organization (ODEO) is proud to present Debunking Nutrition Myths a professional development workshop for dance educators and the dance community. Join Ali Parkerson, MS NTP from Parkside Nutrition, as she debunks common nutrition and exercise myths that we hear in the dance community. Ali will cover, and give you the necessary tools to tackle topics such as:

  • A dancer's relationship with food: dieting is not the norm, food is not the enemy

  • Dancers' nutrition needs: balanced macros; there are no bad foods, the goal is balance

  • Cross training and its benefits

  • Hydration is an all-day habit


All sessions will be online via Zoom - a meeting link will be provided in the registration confirmation email.

Professional development and clock hours credit are available upon request.

The views expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker(s) and do not constitute endorsement by ODEO.

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